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Kristen Bell

Photo Kristen Bell

Kristen is currently completing a PhD at RMIT University in Melbourne investigating the priorities of public transport planning in cities with high public transport usage, focusing on the cities of Zurich, Munich, Vienna, London and Vancouver.  Kristen has worked for over 9 years as an urban and transport planner, including her current part-time role as a transport planner for an inner-city municipality.  She also tutors in transport planning.

Gethin Davison

gethin davison photo

Gethin is a Lecturer in Planning and Urban Design at UNSW. He completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2010 and is also a qualified urban planner with experience working in government and the private sector. Most of his research to date has been on topics relating to urban regeneration, place-identity, community conflict and affordable housing provision.

Trivess Moore

Trivess Moore

Trivess is a research fellow in the Beyond Behaviour Change group in the Centre for Urban Research at RMIT University in Melbourne where he has worked since 2012 when he completed his PhD. Trivess has a strong research interest in socio-technical transitions to a low carbon urban future, with a focus on housing, households, practices, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Currently Trivess is working on a number of projects which are based upon monitoring and evaluating sustainable housing and compact cities more broadly.

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